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    HI Everyone,

    First off, I am new to this forum. Thanks to everyone in advance for answering some of my questions.

    Here goes, a friend of mine from Canada dropped his Treo 650 in the bath tub. His service provider in Canada was Rogers (is this a GSM, or CDMA phone)? If I were to unlock it, which providers would I be able to use here in the USA? I live in Chicago.

    The info on the fone is:

    software: treo 650- 1.03 BMO
    Hardware: Rev B

    Long story short, he gave the phone to me because it doesn't work. It would not power up, I did buy a new battery for it, and got it to boot up, but it just keeps resetting once it boots up. I am sure it has some electrical issues. I was thinking of sending it into renew electronics to have them service it.

    Has anyone had any experiences with them? should i even try to salvage this thing? Anyone know what is wrong with it besides it not working

    I currently own a treo 600 Unlocked phone and use Cingular as my provider. It has a sim card and i like it a lot.

    thanks again for everyone's time.


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    Thanks for the link to them, my 650 is in the fritz too, sometimes it will power-on other times it wont. I was thinking about posting a question about ideas of people that fix them.

    Sorry, Im not helping but I wanted to thank you for the link.
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    While it's going through it's looping reboots, try pressing and holding down the 5-way up button through a full reboot cycle.
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    I tried that... but it didn't work, the Treo keeps looping and resetting.

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    have you tried the traditional way to hard reset it? Pressing the reset button while pusing up on the 5 way nav. You dont have to keep the reset button pressed in just press it once but make sure youve got the 5way pressed up. Then if you let go, you should get the reset option screen.
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    Don't think that would be a hard reset; it's a warm reset. I think a hard would be his next step (if he successfully did a warm).
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    HI All.

    I guess I'm a bit confused, if the phone keeps rebooting, why would doing a warm or hard reset fix it? wouldn't it be more of an electrical or power problem? (ie: from the phone being dropped in a bath tub?).

    with that being said, doing the warm reset did not do it.

    thanks so much for your help... How do you do a hard reset?

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    There are several, unique resests - even a 'zero' reset which is the most thorough, more so than a hard reset - sets the Treo back to 'factory specs'.
    In the early days of the 650 I did this zero reset to get out of the dreaded 'reboot hell' where the 650 would just continuously reboot. Check out:
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    I had a 650 that was submersed in water....its a gonner. I'll keep it around for spare parts, but with the prices of refurbished or second hand 650's you would spend more trying to fix it than just purchasing another one. Is the water indicator in the battery case showing red?

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