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    Server & Client on latest version, Exch 2005.
    There are no errors within the GoodServer, GoodAdmin, Exchange realm.

    Palm GoodLink:Preferences:Status shows 2 Sessions with 'Connection Pending' and the rest 'Running'

    Multiple restarts, exits, and button clicking

    No mail being Sent or Recieved by the Palm.

    User just walked up and told me about it. I fiddled but nothing worked.
    Does this sound familar to anyone?

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    Can they access the web through the browser on the phone? What carrier and what device?
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    US Verizon CDMA
    GoodLink Client Version :
    OS Version: 5.403
    ROM Version: 102
    Firmware Version: 22

    Connection Status: Connected
    Last Msg Sent To: 3/28/07 4:04:02 PM EST
    Last Msg Received From: 3/28/07 4:04:06 PM EST
    Pending Messages 0

    Except he's not getting new messages, and has mail in Good:Outbox
    Checking on the web question, I *** so
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    Web is working.
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    Other GMM users fine?

    If all else fails, try reprovisioning the phone.
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    Just now going for the repro. He's the only one affected.

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    Fun fun. It finished but upon start got the "Invalid Key" error

    So I'm on Remedy 1 for now

    On remedy 2, delete and repro the user again (I did not hard reset the phone, saved OTASetup to sim card so I don't have to download that part again)

    Is it true Cradle install no long works for the 4.9 client?
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    in other words, is this still valid:
    Using GoodLink Management Console:

    1) Cradle handheld at a GMC console.
    2) Locate user and open properties (right-click on user and select properties or double-click on user).
    3) Click on the [Manage] button.
    4) Select model of the handheld and click [Next].
    5) Select com port and click [Next].
    6) Select "Generate new encryption keys for this handheld" and click [Next]. At this point Goodlink will generate new encryption keys for this user.

    Edit: beyond Remedy's now
    Another hard reset, user delete, new user, OTASetup pending
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    2nd hard reset seems to have done the trick. User is getting 1st inbox sync.

    As he heads out the door for 2 days travel. (fingers crossed)

    I'm going home now, cya

    Update 3/29
    No problems, user is happy
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