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    I used to use a Logitech Mobile Traveler Headset pc#f-0399a with my Treo 700w. I couldnít go away from my phone very far at all, I would hear terrible static but not too bad in the car. Plus it hurts my ear after 15 minutes. Hated that thing.

    Went to Verizon and got a:

    LG Bluetooth Headset HBM-730

    But it would lose connection, I would have to turn it off and the phone to get it to work again. Went back to the store and the rep told me its not recommended for Treo use and the rep that sold it to me should have known that.


    I loved the LG Bluetooth Headset HBM-730. It was SMALL, and the ear wire was THIN. I would forget it was on my ear, and it was VERY CLEAR, but I would lose connection.

    CAN SOMEONE recommend to me a good blue tooth headset that is small, doesnít weigh much, and doesnít have a thick ear hugging wire?

    I wish I could find one just like the LG Bluetooth Headset HBM-730.
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    I haven't tried every bluetooth headset under the sun, but I would recommend the Samsung WEP200. Mind you, I use it with a Sprint Treo 700P, but I purchased it from (I believe that Treocentral also sells the authentic headset) and I have been very pleased with it.

    In case you're interested, I posted about it in another thread:
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    My concern with that device is how it might fit in my ear, and if it will be comfortable or not with out the ear loop. ill read your other thread.

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