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    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I keep noticing that when my phone rings a LOT of times all I get is the vibration. I check out my sound prefs and the ringtone volume has been set as "Off" and vibration set as "Always".

    Problem is, I typically keep it at volume level of 6 or 7 and vibration as "When Sound Off."

    What the heck?

    Why is my 700p independently turning the volume completely off and setting it to vibrate only?!

    I go back in and change it, and within a day or two I notice it has reset itself AGAIN. This has been going on for WEEKS.

    Anyone know why this would be happening?
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    Yep, I'm having a similar issue - phone is set to ring and vibrate, though often it is just vibrating. Also have been having this issue for a few weeks. Recent (way too long) call to Sprint Customer (we don't) Care failed to resolve the issue...
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    I had the same issue on mine until I turned off the using ringtones in Phone technician. No problems anymore ever since.

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