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    Treo680 PalmOS

    I have not been able to collect my email from gmail since 3/12. All mail before 3/12 will download (390 messages). I have done the DST patches on both the 680 and laptop. I have tried every date change combination I can think of on the 680 with no change. My last try was to change from Versamail to Snappermail and the same problem exists.

    There is plenty of memory room.

    The date and DST is correct on the palm.

    What can I do??

    Thanks for any help!

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    I have recently started using Gmail and access via POP from EITHER my Treo or MACmail on my desktop. Unlike my prior ISP, once ANY POP mail program gets mail, another programs cannot download it - even tho you set Gmail to leave messages on the server. Perhaps you have recently changed the way you receive mail using another program so that the other program always gets the mail first. You can circumvent this by forwarding your mail from Gmail to another ISP.

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