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    I have a LOT of email that is synced and I am running out of memory on my blackjack wm5 phone. Is there anyway to have goodlink use my sd card to store emails?

    BTW - I LOVE goodlink vs. Direct Push and WM5 software (ran direct push for a month before signing up for hosted good from themessagecenter - great service provider so far). I just need to figure out how to manage my memory
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    I'm sure Goodguy will come along with an official response but I don't believe there's any way, currently, to have GMM store e-mail other than in main memory. There may be a way to tell Good to sync only the last 200 messages rather than all messages from the time you were provisioned (by default provisioning only syncs the last 100 messages I believe) though.
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    The emails aren't on technically on the device and there isn't anyway to store GMM information on the sd card. Memory issues, as I am sure you have read here in TC, are one of the biggest heartaches our users have. If you look through the forums here, many users have posted memory managing hints.
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    Thanks guys... I am in the nothing on the phone except good and default software camp so color me tapped out for now Given your comment GoodGuy is this type of support being looked at for future releases?

    PS - Good's still the best exchange push phone UI out there right now so I won't pout like others when I don't get what I want right now.
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    I remember revisiting this issue a couple months back. I believe that GMM only uses a specific set amount of memory (regardless of how many messages you sync or fetches.) once it starts to run out of that allocated memory, it will start deleting older messages.
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    Darthkim, you are correct.

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