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    Just came across this review. Exciting!
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    Nothing on the Sling Media site about a public beta download!!

    Probably just a hoax.
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    Edited to correct DL link
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    No public beta download at those links yet.. but on the home page of treocentral a review and link for tomorrow morning( the 28th)

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    that's for the tell of the front page review. Looks like harv has somewhat sobered up after the Kinoma lovefest:
    Quote Originally Posted by harv, on Slingplayer Review
    I can hear some boos from the peanut gallery when I tell you this: there's no background play, not even in Audio Only mode
    <Rant>: I mean, Kinoma wants to be a media player, and it doesn't provide background support but Harv doesn't mention that it lacks this, not once in his 2-part review. Check out the 1 con for Kinoma 4EX:
    *No tone controls
    And for Slingplayer, it gets mentioned three times including the cons section:

    *No background play
    *No full-screen video
    *Requires investment in a Slingbox
    *Not optimized for Treo 680 yet
    I don't like the Kinoma 4EX player because it makes me so angry to think that I need to buy it in order to turn off the screen while listening to music. I don't need a media guide, XM online is all the media I need. So you can imagine how I felt after reading that review.
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    I guess since it's going public.. Sling has let us beta testers talk about stuff now too...

    I've been using the player for about a month now. It's pretty darn cool. Most of the time I stream at about 200-300kbps, 15fps. While this might seem bad, it actually looks great on the Palm Slingplayer (Treo 700p in EVDO).

    There are some interface things that I'd like to see cleaned up (full screen) and some other things.. but it seems to work great and hasn't crashed my Treo either...

    I've used the built-in speaker and stereo headphones with the slingplayer. In the Slingplayer settings, you can select the type of audio (Stereo Hi/low, Mono Hi/low). This setting could effect your video quality depending on the bandwidth area you are in with Sprint. Sprint's EVDO service seems to vary depending on the tower you are using and how far you are from the tower.

    I used my Treo 700p in SF, Vegas, Boston and Colorado and was able to get good viewing experiences at all places. It was especially useful while I was waiting for my doctor's appointments.

    One thing that seems to need more testing for public beta is how much battery life Slingplayer really uses on a Treo 700p. It seems like results varied on this. I'd be interested to see what people think of the battery life while using it. Maybe some type of quantitative tests... Used it for x minutes/hours... battery % went from 100 to x% using a 2400mah battery or 1800mah battery. Not sure of a good way to test this really.

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