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    i try to put TomTom 6 files on my 1GB sd card inside treo 650, but the palm install manager tells me that all files are not supported by my treo. How i can put this files on my sd card to start tomtom 6?

    bye Michele
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    You need to insert the SD card into a card reader attached to your PC and copy the files to the SD card, or connect your Treo, with SD card inserted, to your PC with the USB cable and use a program such as Card Export which makes the SD Card in your Treo look like a flash drive to your PC.
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    I have used "card export" and it's ok, i have put the folders Guam_650, map, licences, palm, private, raster, resource, sys, tomtom, TomTom-Cfg, voices, zip.. and the file "start" inside my sd 1 GB. But when i try to start Navigator (start) on my treo 650 it tells me Arm load Error.. "ARMCODE NOT ALLOCATED" and Tom Tom Sd card ejected! Error #2...


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    You may get some help from the 'sticky' thread How to install TomTom on Treo 650 in the Palm OS Apps forum?

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