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    Does anyone know how to get my contacts and calendars onto a second Treo? I'm not sure where to set the ID or whatever it is. Using Mac OS X.

    (My Verizon 750p is all good; I picked up an unlocked GSM 650 for traveling to Europe and want to get all my info onto it.)

    Many thanks.
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    wouldn't hotsyncing for the first time with your new device ask you which profile to use?
    If so, choose the same profile and it should work.
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    Or, if you want to have a different profile, you can go into the Palm folder, goto your original usernames folder, copy the files you want ported over, paste them somewhere safe (desktop maybe)

    Shutdown POS desktop.

    Then sync your new unit with the different ID, after the hotsync paste those folders into the new usernames folder. (C/ProgramFiles/Palm/*newusername*)

    Open up your POS on your desktop and select your new users name up in the upper right hand corner. Make sure all your data is there.

    Hotsync again but this time BEFORE you do go to the hotsync icon in your systray and select desktop over writes handheld on those apps you want to bring in.

    good luck.
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    Thanks everyone. I use Mac for this, but the idea is the same.

    And as it turns out I have to use the cheapo phone anyway in Germany. It has a "manual dial" feature, and that's the only way to call out.

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