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    man if it's not one problem it is 10 others. I have a sprint treo 700p & it has been doing something new. When it is on the charger overnight it gets super hot & then the screen freezes. I wake up AFTER my alarm is supposed to go off & I press the power button & nothing. a soft reset is the only fix. I am not sureif it is the battery (i have an extended "generic" one from ebay) the actual charger or the dang treo itself. anyone have same problem? anyone find a fix??
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    you have snoozy installed? it was causing problems for my morning alarms freezing the treo.
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    Hey treoneo!

    Have not had this situation. Using a 2400 mAh Seidio. I plug mine into the wall charger overnight 2 to 3 times a week.

    Super Hot is not good.

    What and when was your last 3rd party software install?

    Is this every night now or random?

    Assuming it is every night now. . . . .if you back up and do a hard reset and then put in the charger overnight -- does it happen? If not -- then your hardware and battery are okay -- and it is some software glitch that has the charging process tied up in knots.

    And then I would be saying: remove the last program added or do a clean install.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I've had those same situations. Leave the phone charging overnight, and in the morning the thing is completely frozen, i.e. no button press brings the screen to life and the charging LED stays in the orange-red status. I have to soft-reset and even remove battery to bring it back.

    I also have the 2400 mAh from Seidio but I use the phone a lot, thus I need to charge it almost every day.

    Now why they occur I have no idea. Where I live I have sometimes marginal coverage, so I wonder if the lags the phone suffers when going in a low-coverage area have something to do with it. Maybe the phone lags trying to recover the radio signal, and the battery charging circuitry looses sync with the rest of the system. Just a theory.
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    This happens maybe every other night for me. I will try a hard reset before bed tonight to see. But that might not be accurate as sometimes it doesn't happen. Maybe a hard reset every night?? AH jeeze. Well let me see I don't really add a lot of new software. although some existing software gets updating sometimes. SAG got updated, I added Mundu messaging (I think it was happening before that). Hmmm.

    I am having exact same problem as Waldo. Hey Waldo you have SAG, Ringo, Call Shield, NV Backup, 4 cast, Mundu IM, Mobile Clock installed? These are the only 3rd party software that I think might cause it?
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    I get this occasionally. All I have for 3rd party software is Chatter, Gmaps, Rlock and DBcache. I get the heat problem too usually when my S700p is unstable. I'm guessing its some sort of infinite loop problem. I'll go 2-3 days without a crash, maybe one per day, then all of a sudden I can't keep the thing running for more than 5 minutes without a freeze. A few days of this and then its back to stability. Rinse and repeat.
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    The 3rd party apps I have are mRing, TCPMP, Kinoma 4EX, FileZ, Google Maps, Launch this!, PalmVNC, PdaNet, TreoMemo. Only I see mRing as an "active" app, the others do nothing in the background and I certainly don't launch movies when I go to sleep

    However, I have Versamail set up to check for mail every 2 hours between 8:00am and 8:00pm. But I have gotten the freeze problem much earlier, before Versa gets to fire up the radio at 8:00am and I have certainly checked the phone as working before going to bed.

    Again, I have gotten this problem perhaps 3-4 times since I bought the phone (day 1 it was available mind you ) and I have Verizon as the service provider.
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    interesting. anyone else notice this? anyone else want to test a fresh treo after hard reset to see if it still happens?
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    I would share the experience with you Neo -- but my test would prove fruitless. However, I do have NONE or your software. . . . . .
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    This has happened to me, inexplicably, once. Last week. Couldn't figure out why. In the morning, screen was ON and treo was locked up, and phone was warm (not hot). It was not stuck on a screen with a clock, so I couldn't tell what time it froze.

    I've also had it happen a couple times where the screen would be frozen black, no response from hardkeys. Charge light red, but not warm. Fully charged when reset.

    Explicably, this has happened on the nights BackupMan (v3 or v4) was set to do an automated backup on my 650. It locks up with lights ON after the backup completes. On my 700p there are no issues with BackupmMan (running pretty much the same apps as my 650).

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    hmm. I have nvbackup. I wonder if this is the culprit
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    hmm. I have nvbackup. I wonder if this is the culprit
    That sounds like a very likely suspect, it may have become corrupted somehow. Once when my 700p overheated, I lost that section of the bios (in eprom?) which has the HSSN number and had to replace the unit. Heat is not something you want to allow to continue for any extended test periods.
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    did you try going back to the original battery?

    The overheating will cause the system to freeze but the question is, what causes the overheating? I avoid the third party batteries because of the very problem you describe. With exploding laptops, burning Dells and swelling MacBooks showing up on the news, I don't want to be the next guy on the 6 o'clock broadcast whose pants exploded on the way home from work. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinTek View Post

    ...snip... With exploding laptops, burning Dells and swelling MacBooks showing up on the news, I don't want to be the next guy on the 6 o'clock broadcast whose pants exploded on the way home from work. :-)
    Sorry to go off topic, but this reminds me of a funny story. I was visiting my sister in law and her new baby in the hospital. I went to the bathroom near the gift shop. Somehow my keys got wedged in a battery holder in my pocket. Smoke started to come out and the batteries got hot quick. I reached into my pocket and tossed out the batteries, just as my 9 year old son walked in to look for me. I told him the batteries in my pocket nearly caught fire and I'd be out in a minute. My son ran back into the gift shop and blurted out to my wife and everyone in earshot "Daddy's pants are on fire!". My wife said everyone in the gift shop stopped what they were doing and started to laugh!

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    hmmm. i will have to try with the stock battery & see if anything happens. i deleted ringo & sag last & night no freeze. i also disabled 4cast to auto update the weather. BUT now I am noticing freezing even it is not plugged in! strange indeed...
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    I've had this happen before as well on my verizon 700p. I'm using Resco backup and have it set to backup every morning at 12:10 am. It seems to happen in spurts. It's been a while since the last run of resets. (I'm talking about the overnight freeze - not the resets that happen daily!)
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    I have had a similar thing on my 650 for about a week or 2 or 3
    i would wake up to either a frozen treo or the palm logo stuck on after much tinkering it seemed to be a combo of resco backup running at 4am WITH radio control shutting off the radio from 2am to 7am. since i deactivated radio control and leave it on all night i have gone 3 nights with no lockups ( well at least till i wrote this and murphys freakin law kicks in ) so id look closer at the backup routine.
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    Well, Mine froze again overnight (no doubt because of this thread!). When I plugged it in to the Seidio charging cradle I got the dreaded USB device not recognized. I shut the lid on my laptop and went to bed. Could this possibly be the problem?

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