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    I've been a 650 owner for almost a year and loved it. Great screen resolution to play movies from the SD card, used the phone as a tethered modem for my laptop, etc. About a week ago, I upgraded to a 700p. Bought a "like new" off ebay for ~$300. The goal was to use it as a hi-speed tethered modem.

    And since then, I've been having the following issues:
    --can't use Callrec as the audio recorded has "jumps" in it. When I play back what I've recorded (it records to the SD card), it will have skips recorded into it (i.e., you'll miss various multi-second sections, making the recording unusable).
    --when I play a film with TCPMP, the audio/video sync is off
    --when I use zlauncher to move programs to the SD card, they take a long time to load (it was VERY fast on the 650)

    I'm using the same SD card as I used with NO problems in my 650.

    It also seems like the screen was clearer on the 650. I don't really know how to describe it. Almost like the refresh rate was quicker on the 650 or something...

    I know that Palm is "supposedly" releasing a firmware upgrade in the next couple of months for the 700p. I also know that the 700p is being s**tcanned by Sprint for the 755p (or something). So I'm not sure if I should wait for the firmware to possible fix these issues or just resell the 700p on ebay and go back to the trusty 650.

    BTW, the SD card I'm using is a 2GB Sandisk Ultra II.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I've searched but couldn't find anything along the exact lines of my issues.
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    tcpmp you can adjust the sound. simple as lookng in the preferences.
    If I could know then, what I know now.
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    yeah -- I played around with it for 45 minutes last night and couldn't get it to sync just right. But it's not just TCPMP, it's anything loading from (or to, in the case of callrec) the SD card. TCPMP played films from the SD card perfectly on the 650. Callrec recorded voicenotes to the SD card perfectly on the SD card. programs moved to the SD card with zlauncher loaded instantly on the 650.

    Is it just that my SD card is a piece of junk (doesn't seem so because it worked flawlessly on the 650) and I need a quicker one?
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    One thing you might want to try is to make a backup of the card data and then format it on the new 700p.
    I use a cheap generic 2gig card with no problems on the 700p. It could also be a bad sd slot on the phone. Get the ins from your carrierr, and wait the 30 days. Claim it and you will be good.
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    you know I'm almost positive I actually did that when I removed it from my 650. I had partial programs (stuff moved with zlauncher) and backups on there (Resco backups) and I wanted to clean it all out.

    I do have the TEP through sprint, but I really don't want to pay the $50 if it's the phone (I'm guessing from what you're saying that most other people don't have this issue) as the term "money pit" comes to mind. Although I don't really know what the alternative is...

    Aaron C -- do you play movies from the card with TCPMP and/or use callrec (which records to the card)? If so and you have no problems, then obviously I have a card or slot issue...
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    so I'm guessing I've just got a bad unit, since the SD card works perfectly in the 650...?
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    The problem I have with my SD card is sometimes it will ask me if I want to format it, even though the card is fine. A reinsert fixes this problem. But if I accidentally hit the format button my data will be lost.
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    Are you using a 4GB card? Format it in large allocation size!
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    2 GB.

    Seems like no one else is having this issue. I'm returning the 700p to the company that sold it to me. They'll "check it out" and maybe mail a replacement. I made sure the write down the S/N and ESN to make sure they didn't just send me the same one back.
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    Let us know how it goes!
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    so I sent it back, they tested it and today issued me a refund for the cost of the phone to my paypal. I'm trying to get them to refund shipping and insurance costs, too, since it wasn't a return because I changed my mind, but because it was broken...
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    Still trying to get the shipping refund. Way I see it, I shouldn't be screwed for shipping when they refunded me the cost of the item (acknowledging that they sent me a dud). Would totally blow to have paid $30 (shipping to me and back to them) on an item returned because it arrive broken.

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