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    I know my Treo 680 can do both Edge and GPRS.

    Question is how would I know if I am on edge or GPRS only?

    Thank you.
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    The black triangle means that the phone is currently attached the the GPRS network. The green arrows mean that phone is connected to a network.

    I don't know if there is a symbol that shows whether it is attached to EDGE.
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    I don't think there is a way to definitively tell whether you're connected to EDGE or not. I actually called Cingular support a while back and was told that EDGE is available in most areas, but not in all the areas where Cingular service is offered, and if you happen to be in an EDGE area, you'll notice faster downloads but nothing else to verify if you're truly off the normal GPRS network.
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    Syphon and tccentex posted before I could look-up the manual... anyway, I'm on GPRS and still get the black triangle, I get it even when I'm on an EDGE network (on a 650).
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    The only way to tell is download speed. You will notice how slow GPRS is and if U don't it doesn't really matter does it. Basically if edge is avail U will connect automatically.
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    I see. Thanks for the reply.

    I do notice faster web surfing in some areas, but slower in some other areas.

    However, on some other windows mobile phones, they do display an special icon for detecting the edge network. So it should be feasible.

    I just wonder if Treo 680 could do the same. If it's not built-in, how about other 3rd party software?
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    Triangle above the signal bars for sure. That was confirmed by Rogers on my GSM Treo. Also shows on other ROAMING networks if available and signal is good enough. Throughput may vary with signal quality/strength as on WiFi with PC.
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    No, I don't think the triangle could mean EDGE. It just means a GPRS of some sort--EDGE or otherwise--is available. There doesn't seem to be any special for EDGE and non-EDGE

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