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    E-mail setup question with a twist:

    I'm living overseas and use the 680 on a prepay network (Chinamobile). No data connection is available for this prepay network that I know of.

    So, does anyone know how to set up email on the 680 so that it either syncs with Outlook email, or downloads/uploads email via a computer's internet connection when hotsyncing?

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    Haven't done this in years, but Multimail, now called Versamail has a sync mail feature and a conduit for Windows and the Treo. It works fine, let's you manage emails offline, and keeps your inbox up to date. I used it years ago with the Palm Pilot. The new conduit will actually setup your Treo based on setting on your desktop. Give it a try!
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    Perfect. Thanks! Versamail will do the trick.

    I initially tried to use Versamail, but gave up in frustration after several attempts. Your post convinced me to give it another try. Turns out, you have to set up the sync from the computer side of things using the Versamail setup program (under the Palm folder from the Windows Start menu).

    For anyone else who needs to set this up: Rough directions are in the Versamail userguide as "setting up a Microsoft MAPI account" (who would've thought to read the directions ). But the steps listed were a bit different from my actual setup.

    I've read seemingly unending negative posts on Versamail, so hopefully it will be stable enough. I already had the 680 reset itself on the third time I entered the versamail program.

    Again, thanks for the help!!
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    Yes, I was mad at Palm when they took away the conduit with my Treo 650 -- had been using it happily with the T3 before that and couldn't understand the need to remove it. The 680 brings it back, but I had started to use iambic's mail program in the interim -- the only other (modern) email client with a conduit, apparently.

    You should also look into Google SMS. You can get access to a lot of on-line content through that (sports scores, driving directions, ...) for which you'd normally need a browser and data connection. Obviously not as good, but better than nothing, and often quite cheap with the SMS plans generally available.
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    Great idea with the Google SMS! That should definitely give me some web-like capabilities.

    see- that's why I like all you guys... always coming up with the good ideas.

    ok, everybody to my pad for dinner! my treat! (buy your own plane ticket though )

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