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    I am looking to put together some help for other fellow Mac and Treo users and I would like if it you guys could let me know your biggest Mac + Treo issues and what solutions you have found to these problems.

    I know there is a FAQ here, but it is kind of old. This information would be very helpful to many fellow mac users.

    Also, could you limit the problems to Palm software only (e.g. no Missing Sync). Thanks!

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    Palm software does not play well with Macs. It works mostly, but it does not play well with them. That's why you'll find a large number here that use Missing Sync!
    Palm software:
    Lots of people have problems just getting it to install
    Have you ever tried to call Palm for Mac support?
    It does not transfer calendar info seemlessly, there are various problems
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    Never used palm alway's used MS, used it with a Clie' T600 and now 680

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