I installed the PC Monitor/Wireless Sync software on my desktop PC last week, and I've been leaving the machine running 24/7 so it can forward email to my Treo 700p. It works pretty well, but three times in the past five days, the desktop client has had some problem logging into the wirelesssync.vzw.com website, an once it gets that error, it won't try to login again. So, I get to work the next morning, and I have to exit the PC Monitor desktop client and restart it, and then it works fine.

Is there any way to get it to automatically try again after an error like this? It must be some internet congestion or a momentary problem with the VZW site, and if it would simply try again, it would be fine. But it just sits there with a red circle and x symbol in the tray.

Is it possible I have a configuration error? Is anyone else having this problem?