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    Hi folks,

    I searched for this topic using various search terms but didn't find it discussed anywhere. If it was already mentioned can someone please post a link to the thread or post?

    I tried out Mundu as I just today found out (from this forum) that Verichat support may be disappearing. I like Mundu so far, but when I tried a file transfer it reset my Palm. Fine, I can live without the file transfers.

    The IM message for this attempted file transfer was successfully sent to the recipient, however the recipient was given a web URL for the file. That's normally acceptable, but in this case the file can be accessed by anyone with a web browser. I wouldn't use IM file transfers to send something top secret, but it still seems a little disturbing that people's file transfers are sitting out there for anyone to see. I'm guessing most Mundu users aren't aware of this until after they send a file.

    Is this a known issue? I googled for answers and that didn't help either. Thanks in advance.
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    You're right. I just went to the webserver and can see everything everyone has sent.
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    yeah, sending something that's confidential over IM is a terrific idea.

    I suspect the files time out and are purged after a while, and um, don't send classified info over Yahoo, mkkkhay?
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    No, it's not a good idea to have your accountant send you a PDF of your tax statements over IM. But I don't want everyone the whole TC community invited to the converstation when I'm sharing baby pictures either. Mundu's setups is just awful and they should make the user aware of it well in advance.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $links$ $aren$'$t$ $public$, $ie$: $someone$ $can$'$t$ $just$ $randomly$ $browse$ $them$. $At$ $least$ $I$'$d$ $hope$ $not$.

    But yeah, if the link is public, then anyone could look. BTW, Verichat works exactly the same way in that regard. Send a picture or a file and it shows up as a web link to your contact.
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    I could browse on the server.

    Edit: Just tried again and I can't browse the server now.

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