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    I need to restore an earlier backup. Will this wipe out any current information that I have added, like my calendar? I don't want to lose what I have entered since the last backup.


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    that is what a restore is. takes the new stuff and replaces with the old stuff.
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    You can do a selective restore, that way you can restore one or more files without affecting other databases.
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    Might want to do a full backup before you restore. This way you have a backup of everything in case you mess up the restore.
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    If you do a backup now, you can restore from the old backup. Then you can just selectively restore your calendar database (or whatever) with the new version if you want.
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    I have been using 1.15 & is very happy with this application - have done numerous hard resets, partial & full restores with no issues.

    Now I want to upgrade to version 1.18. How do I go about it? Do I :
    - hotsync the new version or
    - copy it from my SD Card & overwrite the old version?


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