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    I have been using (rather trying to use) Plug Forward which I bought, but now it won't work anymore and Mike at Kuatron is no help. The problem is, a few weeks ago, it stopped forwarding/unforwarding when either put into or taken out of the cradle. When this app worked - it was magically rewarding but now that it doesn't work, and the developer can't figure out why it stopped working, I'm shoppin' around for an app that actually DOES work.

    So, do you guys know of an app LIKE Plug Forward that actually works and would recommend?


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    If you can, do a speed dial for forwarding (for each number eg home and office) and cancel forwarding.


    Try Profiles - create profiles for home, office, outdoors whereby forwarding can be done when that profile is selected. Profiles is free and in the download section. Does not update call forward indicator, though.
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