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    I decided to try opera again.
    After using shortcut5 to create the _ which I use in my ID's, I've gotten past that limitation, thanks tc600.

    But today I went to, searched for a vid, hit stream, and it came up with an html page, I clicked the link and it took me to the full youtube page, which doesn't help me on the treo.

    When using blazer, you click stream, and it immediately launches kinoma and plays the video.
    How do you get around that in opera?
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    you can't--things like streaming and downloadz get routed through blazer, this is the number ond drawback of using opera, but with the right settings it's still faster than blazer. Blazer has the best rendering of websites imho, but if you have to wait all day for a page to load then what's the difference.
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    Blazer isn't slow for me except with the bodybuilding site, and even then if I stop it and hit the link again it pulls it right up.
    So based on the streaming limitation, the ugly bookmark page, having to use a 3rd party product for certain symbols, and having to install java just to get the thing to run, I'm sticking to my original assessment, opera is nothing special.
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    Am I correct in finding that there is no way to set Opera as the default browser?

    If this is the case, what might you recommend as a default browser (other than the painfully slow Blazer)?

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    I just noticed something else. You know how many websites ask you to copy a series of letters/numbers in order to prove you're real? Well in opera the field comes up asking but the letters/numbers are not displayed, they are displayed in blazer.
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    has everyone checked out the tab browsing in Universe 3? How cool is that. The browser stinks still but love that feature. wish they would put it in opera.
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    Opera Mini is the masterpiece application for the 700p. Combine it with Fontsmoother and you can have an extremely pleasant browsing experience anywhere.
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