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    Hello. I live in Kazakhstan, I had Treo 650 on Eday. We have no providers Verizon, Sprint, etc. There is a CDMA provider DALACOM. I lifted my phone and connect to their provider. The problem is what, when I call the subscriber connection is broken (after 6 seconds). I think that in problemma Treo firmware. However, I can not transfer it to your update I turned on the phone version of the software from the Treo650-1.04-VZW Treo650-1.03-CDMA, then downloaded 1.04-CDMA update. The starting date, but then Treo stops. The screen displays, a process expected to be completed within 15 seconds. (I waited hour), when I tried to click on your Treo, a message-ROM update ERROR. As firmware change my phone? Thank you.
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    I updated its Treo (Update sprint 1.13a). But the problem with the shutdown of six seconds left, or phone active on the network without connecting off six seconds ...
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