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    I want to be able to store & study my pictures, microsoft powepoint & word lectures to my cell phone, intead of always carrying my laptop (& taking pics isn't a real big deal to me). Also I'd like to download textbooks to the phone as well (if the memory permits) & to sync with my laptop via bluetooth to load on my notes to the cell phone.

    These are my major tasks & would like your opinion in choosing between buying a Palm Treo 650 & a RIM Black Berry 8700. Thank you in advance.
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    Well, 8700 has no memory card, camera, Documents to Go, touchscreen etc. Plus theres alot more software available for the Palm OS than for Blackberrys....
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    If I should buy a Treo 650, could I upgrade it to a 680? (I would do this b/c the treo 680 is too expensive, I have US$220 - 250 & would have to ship it to Jamaica.) If possible, can someone direct me to a link & tell me if you would recommend that I do this.

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