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    I have between 5-10 cases including the Vaja and I believe this is the best everyday case for the 680.

    The Palm Brand skin.

    It fits like a glove, protects the keypad and you still have access to all the ports.

    Here is a picture of my copper 680 in the Palm skin with a Martin Fields screen protector in place.

    Anyone else use this skin?

    What Ya Think?
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    I hated it; or more to the point, I hated that the skin covered the 5-way. I used skin cases like it for my 650, and those were fine...but the 5-way is not as pronounced on the 680, and the skin made its use unbearable.

    I've opted for Seidio's Slim Rubberized Case because the 5-way is left uncovered and therefore usable.
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    I have no problems at all using the 5-way while this skin is on the 680.

    I have not tried the Seidio's Slim Rubberized Case yet.
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    I use it; however, I really do not consider it to be a good case due to its lack of rigidity. I also use the leather Palm branded horizontal leather case. Ben

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