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    Hi, I just got my New Treo 680 (Crimson). I was messing around with it and now have some questions.

    1. When I plug in the headphones there are still sounds coming from the pda's speaker when I click around. How do I set it up so all the sounds channel out to the headphone when it's plugged in?
    2. How do I set up Asian fonts on this pda? I have some japanese docs that I can't view on PDF-to-go.

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    1. Sounds like you are only intermittently making complete contact. That's a hardware problem, and probably part of the whole jack misdesign. If you can turn it so that it makes no sound, that's the best you're going to do; I don't believe there is any safe way of permanently solving this without risking damage to the phone. Ideally, there should be no sounds (I assume you're referring to the static-like clicks indicating the plug and jack are making and breaking contact), and you should find a position where that remains constant.
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    sound problem: resolved. actually, it wasn't really a problem since i just had to play around with the settings. i disabled 'system volume'.

    asian fonts: not resolved. i used pocketpc before this and i was able to view asian fonts right out of the box. i wonder if palm-os requires third party downloads?

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