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    I tried to download and install the Bugme Messenger software upgrade, but I keep getting a fatal exception error when I try to open the program on my visor. I have a visor deluxe. I upgraded the BugMe viewer at the same time- it seems to be fine.

    (I also have had screen contrast problems since about the same time I installed the program originally- about 3 weeks ago.......)

    Anyone else experiencing problems? I have e-mailed their tech support.

    Marcy Fields
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    I haven't had that problem, but I was wondering if you installed the X-Master.prc file with the initial install. It may be cause conflicts if you have active hacks.
    Richard Grogan
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    Ok--- How would I tell if I did that and how do I correct it? Whe i first installed it I deleted it and tried again- then it would let me get into the program, but when I asked for the overview to see the list of notes, it went into a fatal exception and then would give me that message everytime I tried to open the program...
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    X-master is a separate program so it should show up if you go to the "ALL" category.

    I'm beginning to think that X-master may not be your problem.

    At this point I would delete "BugMe!", then do a soft reset then reinstall it. That should take care of the problem. You probably just have a part of the old program left in Memory.

    After the reset you will get a "Load X-master ..." statement if X-Master is on your system. Select the "NO" option. If you don't get this, then X-Master is NOT the problem.
    Richard Grogan
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