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    I'm a newby here, just got a treo 680 a few weeks ago. Been looking over the forum to try to learn a few things.
    I'm having a problem, every once in a while, when I go to get on the Web, I will get a screen that pops up instead of my home page, that looks like a download page, it is asking me where I want to save the download. It has the address of the page I'm wanting to go to on it, but it's asking me where I want to store it. I click no, but it only comes up with an error message,and won't go any further.
    I go to my favorites, and try to open up another web page that I have stored in favorites, and it does that same thing, goes to the SAVE WHERE? screen, only it then has the web page address of the favorite I'm trying to open. Same screen, every link I try to go to.
    Not sure if this has anyting to go with it or not, but when this is happening, it seems like it is a day that my battery doesn't seem to be holding up as well as normal. (the battery goes down almost 1/2 to 3/4 of the way by mid day)
    Other days, it will last all day with no problems.
    Any ideas of what is going on?
    Sorry this is so long winded, just wanted to describe the problem with detail.

    Also,,, If I remove the battery, and put it back in, it works fine again.
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    It sounds like it still wants to complete the last page viewed before it lets you view a new page. Use something like FileZ and delete the file called "Blazer CacheHistory" from Internal. Then try Blazer again.
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