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    I have a Bluetooth GPS unit for my Treo 700p. I'm looking for a relatively simple GPS application to do what a basic Garmin GPS does. Basically, allow for way points, walking trails, anotations, simple logs.

    I've already tried a couple, which seem good for other things, but have not yet found one for this. Earthcomber is a bit too "heavy" for this application. I'm basically going to be using this for hiking and outdoors stuff, to allow me to navigate a bit better. Many of the applications seem geared to driving. That's not exactly what I am looking for.

    Oh also... cheap is good. Free is better!

    Just thought maybe someone out there had found a good one, so I won't have to go try them all out myself!
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    Check out Pathway. It costs $60 but has a lot of nice features and you can get maps from many sources.
    I've used Outdoor Navigator. Unfortunately it is no longer supported by Maptech but you can still download the maps. The map resolution is not great but it was free when I got it.
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    A search for GPS+BLUETOOTH on turns up a few.
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    I think that the freeware app cotoGPS does what you're looking for.
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    Coto, Cetus, KMLCreator, all could come in handy for walkabout.

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