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    I can have Tomtom6 running on my (Alltel)700p & also connected to my Camry BT car kit. If I receivee a call, the GPS screen goes away and shows the call status screen. When the call is over it shows the phone dialer screen. The Tomtom software then has to be restarted (including lying to the disclaimer I will only use the software while the car is parked) & the BT has to reconnect to the GPS receiver. Is there anyway to keep Tomtom "running in the background" & just "toggle" back to the map screen?
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    I'm with akula, there is no way to make it do what you want to do. I set my side button to nav and it works for me.
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    Yeah, I changed my buttons a ton to do the same thing, but it still makes me press the button and then agree before returning to the GPS screen.

    If you're wondering how different my buttons are, side is voice memo (so far normal), green button is set to be the phone button and the answer call button using LudusP. The phone button is set to voice dial, calendar button brings me to 2day, which I have set to launch initiate as soon as I type (replacing a launcher), email button is chatter, and the home button is now set to TT6.
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    Phone Tech has a new feature called 'Stay Put'
    It stops incoming calls from switching you out of the app you are currently using.

    It works fine with my 680 and gps.
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