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    We just started using GoodLink at the corporate level. I personally love it! However, it sure seems to suck the life out of my battery. I am an admittedly heavy user with Good running, 50% of the time I have a Bluetooth headset on, products like 4cast (only updating every 4 hours) and fairly active use of Blazer. Never the less, without Good, I was able to only be down to about 50% after 8 hours of my "normal" use. With Good running, the Treo is sucked dry after about 5 hours and I better get to a charger.

    Any comments? Is there a way to throttle Good back a bit? Has my battery gone defective?
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    Yes GoodLink is a battery hog. Even with the 2400 extended battery I am barely able to get through a whole day on a single charge. What I do is set GoodLink to "work offline" under the options menu. Then when I want to get mail I select "send/receive now" from the same menu.
    It kinda takes away the whole push concept - call it "push on demand" but it does save me about 30% battery each day.
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    I'll have to disagree with you guys. I'm experienced with bluetooth being the battery drainer, especially if you are using a headset and its always on. I use good all day along with constant phone calls. I get a whole day of heavy use out of my 700p still. I do turn the notifications off for Good though. Otherwise it beeps/vibrates on every email which is annoying to me. I just check Good when I need to.
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    I used Good all the time on my 650... and never had battery problems. I didn't use bluetooth.
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    I never turn on the bluetooth radio in my treo 700p and if I have Goodlink working online my battery is 12% by the end of the day. If Goodlink is set to work offline i have 42% battery at then end of the day.
    I get send and receive over 100 emails a day so maybe the frequency of my emailing is the biggest contributor.

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