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    Recently, my 700p has completely stopped getting sms messages until after a soft reset. While I know that others have experienced this problem occassionally, has anyone experienced where it happens for EVERY SINGLE SMS? Can anyone think what might be causing it? I recently installed Ringo Pro but I have since uninstalled it - and the problem remains. I hate doing hard resets, but that is what I plan to do next unless anyone has better advice.
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    Go to your service providers website and send a few texts to your phone... Wait 30 mins, then make a phone call. If you get all your texts while you are a few seconds into the call then you have a similar problem that I did. Even with a rest and turning the phone on and off I wouldnt get texts until I made a call.. Also I could not receive calls or voicemails and would only know if I got a voicemail when I called someone.. This all happened overnight on a 2 day old treo(No programs installed) that was working perfect the day before. Ended up spending hours on the phone with tech support before they ended up just declaring it a defective phone and sent me a new one... So far I have ringo on my new phone with a bunch of other apps and it works flawless.
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    Do you happen to have Softick Audio Gateway 1.09 or higher installed? That causes an SMS issue with my Sprint 700p. I had to downgrade to a 1.08 version until the problem gets fixed.
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    I have SAG installed but how does this affect receiving texts? Does it also cause the treo screen to freeze randomly with a soft reset being the only fix?
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    Thanks for the advice. Apparently, my phone has even more issues. Half the time when people call me, the phone does not ring and I don't get voicemail notifications until after a soft reset. I did have SAG installed, but I uninstalled it and the problem still persists. Going to do the hard reset now.
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    For me, SAG 1.09 or higher would slowly cause my SMS's to get delayed. After a couple of hours, only a soft reset would release the messages that had gotten stacked up. As I said before, I'm on Sprint with my 700p.

    I only needed to delete SAG and soft reset to get things back to normal though, so if that didn't work for you, you've probably got other issues.
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    Hard reset cured the problem. I have no idea what caused it.

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