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    I have added someone to my contacts, and even though I have this person in my contacts, it is stated as -Unnamed- in the SMS chat. Is there anyone who can give me insight into this? Thanks.
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    I see this for numbers and/or address that don't have a name or company.
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    Thanks, but I have a name for this contact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jahnewnoise View Post
    Thanks, but I have a name for this contact.
    Have you checked the number you entered against the number showing "unnamed"? Perhaps a typo or a different number?
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    Unfortunately, the numbers are excactly the same.
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    Sorry, everyone for wasting your time, but I figured it out. Here's how it went. I got a text message from a person whose work number I already had. In the text message, I went to 'Add to Contacts'. For whatever reason, if you are in SMS, it doesn't allow you to add the number to a contact. I had to create a new contact, which is -Unnamed-, then copy and past the number into the existing contact. My mistake was that I left the -Unnamed- contact in the address book. Thanks for your time.

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