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    anyone know of an application that would search the Palm and sort put old orphaned files no longer in use. I've got years of files on my treo and when I run a list in fliez there are so many files with names I don't reconize and I don't want to delete anything without knowing what they are.

    also I have 22 avaliabe in memory but if I add up all the larg programs I barely can hit maybe 15. I thought the memory was 60 usable. there must be a phantom program or 2 that take up a lot of memory or all those old orphaned files are taking up half my memory.
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    I use NorthGlide's Cleanup. I use Uninstall Manager to monitor new applications and completely uninstall them

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    thanks Jessi. I will be looking at cleanup tonight. I took a quick glance and it seems really good. any other post them and I forgot to add post software , freeware or $ as if it is good and does the job I will pay for it.
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    I don't know of any freeware that does what Cleanup and Uninstall Manager do. Frankly, UM is essential since I'm an app addict and like to test software that isn't always prime time ready. UM goes with Cleanup like mash potatoes go with gravy.

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    If you have years of files, I would recommend that you just do a hard reset and re-load your current applications. Yeah, there is a lot of junk and it would be a pain in the ****, but you would be surprised how snappy it will feel and probably less hiccups or resets (if you have any).
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    Jessi the cleanup app looks like like it is perfect, i will be buying and thanks .
    Gapost , I sat down yesterday and thought about a fresh start but it was overwhelming. I literlly have over 50 games and over 100 appson my Palm. I lost alot of the register codes. I would have to reset my Palm vnc , Reload the sprint tv program , I dont even have alot of the app PRC files anymore for mist as I lost a bunch when my PC crashed a year ago, it would take me days and I just barley have the time to eat and play with my son when I get home from work. So this seems to be the best way for now. I may try the other way when I can get some time off from work.
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    I only hard reset when it's absolutely no other solution. If Cleanup doesn't work for you then I agree with gapost that a hard reset is the way to go. But I'm confident that Cleanup will work for you. My T3 that had at least a years worth crap on it prior to using it in 2004 and it worked great and then UM kept it that way. Cleanup and UM were the very first apps I up on my 680.

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    My only problem with Cleanup is that I never know what can be deleted and what can't...
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    I'm cheap. I think I would use NVbackup (free) for this. Go with the hard reset and restore what you think you need. In the end, the only files the would have to be manually cleaned would be saved and unsaved prefs.

    How well do Northglide UIM & CU handle things if they're installed AFTER the loading of apps you want to delete?
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    Your right Christina, hard to tell what to delete. I deleted an preference and my treo went crazy, deleted another and it removed different options like having the key gaurd off. Its justimpossible to tell what to remove . All this program does is list what you can see in flized but breaks it down into catagorys such as Saved Pref , unsaved Pref and Files . Its a good program but I still dont know what to delete. I may have to go the NVBackup route.
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    Cleanup has an option to backup any deleted prefs or files. So you should be able to restore if something goes wrong. Also, make sure you have the latest signature file, available on the Northglide web site. Also, Cleanup will let you search for what uses what. Somewhat tedious though.

    The only way to know for sure is to have Uninstall Manager installed before you install a new app. If you have a lot of unknown stuff and really want a clean device, it may be easier to note all your settings, do a backup and a hotsync, and do a hard reset and reinstall everything.

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    Bob is right. You have to do all those things, and if you still have some left that you aren't sure about Google creater ID. Cleanup does work, but you have to work with it. VaccPalm, I really don't think NVBackup is the way you want to go. You would still have to know what you can restore and what you can't. If you don't want to do that and you don't want to do Cleanup then you should hard restart, install UM and you will never have this problem again because UM will monitor everything. It will uninstall everything that has to do with a particular app.

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    A clean install is the best way to do it. You can always get the .prc files for the apps you can't find, but still use from your backup file in the Palm Folder.

    I have Cleanup on both my Treos, but I haven't used it in years. I just couldn't get the hang of what to do with the files it listed.

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