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    I stopped by my local Cingular store to look a little closer at the Treo 750. While I was there I asked about the 680s and what colors they were carrying them in. I was told that they only were going to sell the graphite and the crimson, but not the copper nor the arctic. Then he told me that the 680s were only available as a special order item, that they weren't carrying them in the store! Anyone have any idea why they would be doing this? Is there something new coming out - like a 750 in different colors. Makes one wonder.

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    Each store will tell you anything. Most of which is half true. You might even get a different answer from another rep within the same store.
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    When I got my Crimson 680 in the mail from Cingular, I noticed there were colored squares on the side of the box in Arctic, Copper, Graphite, & Crimson. The Crimson square was marked on my box of course, but that gave me the idea that Cingular was coming with the other two remaining colors soon...but maybe not.

    I was suprised at how shocked most local Cingular store reps were when I broght in my Crimson. Most had no idea that Cingular was offering it. So it's no huge suprise that they don't know about future availability...
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    A Cingular person that initially gave us the heads up on the Chrimson coming in March (on Howard Forums) says they're slated for "2Q 2007" for Copper and Arctic.
    So yes, they are supposed to be selling the other colors at some point in the April/May/June time frame. Which end of that quarter is the question.
    If you can hange out nother 1-3 months, they SHOULD be coming.

    My wife gave up, couldn't wait for the arctic. She got the Chrimson which I think was a better choice anyway. But I've seen the copper and I think that's the one I'd get if I were getting a 650. Too bad I've firmly moved over to the Treo 750. No colors
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