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    Hi all -

    I just purchased on eBay an (allegedly) OEM Palm Cradle charger for my new 700p. The cradle itself is clearly Palm since it has logos all over it, HOWEVER, while the actual power wallwart has the slider plug adapters etc, it is labelled "Safety Mark" (not "Palm") and, on comparison with the original charger that came with the Treo, there are slight differences. The label on this wallwart reads:

    Model DSC-51F
    Part No 157-10066-00
    Input 11-240v - 50/60hz 0.2a
    Output +5.2v - 1.0A

    Given that dodgy power sources are a common cause of toasting a device, I wanted to check before I started using it - is this kosher or have I picked up a rogue eBay purchase that I need to return? Since Palm packaging is never sealed as many things are so it's hard to know if this is "really" new OEM or there's something else going on... I've googled and not found the relevant numbers, but maybe I'm just missing something!

    TIA to y'all who know about these things much better than I do!
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    I think you're fine. Regarding the voltages I have noticed that the voltage spec for Treo chargers does actually seem to be 5.2V instead of 5.0. Some chargers state 5.2, some 5.0 - my OEM charger states 5.0 but I've measured it and it is indeed putting out closer to 5.2V.

    Furthermore, I just checked my spare charger which came packaged with my Palm Treo Wireless Headset, and it is actually labeled Safety Mark and states 5.2V. This is probably the same charger you have.
    edit: same model number even. It looks like what you got is really OEM Palm.
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    Thanks so much - that's exactly the information I needed to know! Paranoid, perhaps, but I figured with an expensive brand new phone, I don't want to fry it and void the warrantee in the first week of use ...

    Tx again!

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