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    Going on a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands at the end of May. Since I will be around water a great deal, is there a case for my 700p that would be worth while for those times when I might drop it into water?
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    1. Don't drop it.

    2. Ziplocks are cheap. (I never go to a theme or water park without them.)

    3. If you do drop it in water -- take the battery out immediately!

    4. If you drop it in salt water -- give it a full rinse in fresh water to get all of the salt residue out before trying to dry it out.

    5. Once you have most of the water out -- put it in a ziplock or a sealed tupperware container with as many as the silica gel packets as you can get or find (pharmacy?) for 2 days on a sunny window shelf.

    6. Then put the battery back in to see if it lives. . . .

    I have seen reviews in the past on water tight cases. . . . . .just can't remember the name of them. . .
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    Also if your putting it in your pocket, I would take it out of it's case every nite and try to blow out as much sand as you can, you won't believe the amount that gets inside the case.
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    Thanks to everyone. That gives me some options to look at.
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    That looks like the exact thing I wanted. Thanks.

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