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    Hi everyone,

    My office gave me a Treo 680 and I imported my contacts from the SIM card to the phone... that works fine, but it won't HotSync my contacts to PalmDesktop. I'm not sync-ing with Outlook, as we use GroupWise here... all I want to do is sync my phone contacts with my PalmDesktop contacts. The HotSync log is as follows (no help!):

    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    AddIt Manager Conduit processing transactions
    AddIt - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AddIt - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AddIt - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AddIt - Updating Databases
    MyTreoCG - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    MyTreoCG - Retrieving Files
    Stored BFViewer.prc Version 454
    MyTreoCG - Installing Files
    Installing File BFViewer.prc Version 454
    MyTreoCG - Updating Databases
    AdditSystem - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AdditSystem - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AdditSystem - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AdditSystem - Updating Databases
    Locale - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    Locale - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    Locale - Installing Files No Files To Install
    Locale - Updating Databases
    Pushed C:\Program Files\Palm\ACorti\Addit\BFViewer.prc to handheld
    OK Memos
    OK Media
    OK Calendar
    Contacts synchronization failed

    I've looked eeeeevrywhere for a fix and HelpDesk won't get to me for a few days. Any suggestions?

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    Try this, you may have a corrupt entry. . . .
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    thanks... it removed some entries but still won't sync. Any other ideas?
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    I assume you changed the contacts conduit to palm overwrites desktop . . .

    Of course, if you have contacts in the desktop you don't want to lose -- do not set the conduit that way. If it works, then you set it back to synchronize.
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    I did. I'm assuming those settings are for a run-once HotSync? When I checked after the sync, the settings were changed to how they were before.

    darn corporate desk with no admin priviledges
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    I am assuming that this has something to do with the import from the SIM card. . . . . I am out of ideas. Hopefully someone pops in. . . .

    What was your prior device that the SIM card came out of. . .?
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    Yeap... I appreciate your help.

    The SIM card came out of a RAZR. I am wondering if I should try adding my contacts to PD (painful!), deleting the ones in my phone now, and resynching? If that doesn't work, I can always restore them from my SIM phonebook...
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    If the contacts are still on the SIM (thus a backup) --- take the SIM out . . . put a test entry in Palm Desktop and sync and see if that comes down to the Treo before you do them all. . . . .

    but there has to be a better way. . . .

    Hmmmm . . . . an interesting thought --- try having the Treo overwrite the desktop with the SIM out of the Treo.
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    I'm sure you've double checked this, but are you sure the SIM contacts were imported? The SIM numbers can show up in the contacts list from the SIM card. If you have "Show SIM Phonebook" checked you may just be seeing the SIM book listings...they may not be in your contacts.
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    Already unchecked that too. I can go in and edit my contacts, but there's no easy way to delete them. My guess is maybe something went wrong with the import? hrmmmmmm...
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    Have you tried the hotsync back to the desktop with the the SIM out and palm overwrites desktop selected for contacts in the HotSync Manager?
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    Yep, still nothing. I even deleted my contacts from the SIM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manduwok View Post
    Yep, still nothing. I even deleted my contacts from the SIM.
    Test: Put the conduit back to synchronize and put that test contact in the Palm Desktop and see if it goes down to the 680. .. . . . .

    If not -- if you don't have much other data to lose -- I'm ready to try a hard reset and do over. Then see if a desktop contact will go down stream . . . .then try to bring the contacts back thru the SIM again. . . .assuming that they still exist . . . since you said you erased them off the SIM. . . . (ouch).
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    Okay so I did a soft reset and now it works! hmmmm...
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    Did you do a soft reset after running dbScan and it removed some of the records? Sometimes you need to in order to flush whatever it removed...
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    Yep, that's exactly what did it
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been unable to sync for three months. Palm was more than happy to sell me a new 680, but would only offer that I had a corrupt file in the way of trying to help me. Using the DB Scan and removing the SIM card did it.
    Thanks again.

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