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    I have the data plan on my Treo. Is it possible to connect to the web on my Laptop using Treo's data plan?

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    Check out PdaNet. They have a new version that supports the Treo 680.
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    Thanks for the quick response.
    Do you know if this work with the unlimited internet plan as well?
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    Are you on T-Mobile or Cingular? T-Mobile really doesn't care how you use your unlimited plan, via pda, laptop, aircard, phone, whatever. Cingular might care. They definitely have tiered service based on your device. Verizon (which you obvoously don't have) has the nerve to actually charge an extra $15 for the ability to tether a laptop. I told a Verizon rep that without tethering, a Treo can use more than 150megs a month of data! He didn't believe me, and felt that was excessive. (In my case, that is on the high end, with some audio streaming, podcast and video downloads)

    The easy thing to do is connect PDANet and try it. If your carrier fusses at you or overcharges you, you'll have to change the way you use the system.
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    thanks z3bum.

    I am on cingular. I will try PDAnet and see how that works out.
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    Here is a link to Cingular's of there forum admins left this there....

    This was a link from another thread about people using PDANet. Bottom line, they may ding you for using it....

    FYI - I used it once when my cable modem was down...I don't think that occasional use would be a problem...just an opinion though...and not a very good one at that
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    If you have unlimited data plan, it should work OK without Cingular charging you extra for it. If they do, complain to them about it.
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    make sure you have unlimited data for Cingular. If you do, you should not have any problem. If you call and ask, they may try to bump you to another, more expensive plan, but htat is not necessary - unlimited data is unlimited data.

    pdanet and the treo work well together.
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    I'm using PDAnet right now. RCN, my ISP, is experiencing a system-wide outage -- a cable was cut in Maryland. PDAnet through Cingular (unlimited data) keeps me humming, albeit slowly, on the Internet.

    Gotta run -- my kids now need to use my computer, since I've got the only connected machine in the house, till RCN is up and running.
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    How and what do I need to connect my T680 to my mac laptop so I can get the internet when I'm on the road away from wifi
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    150MB/month on Verizon?
    That seems small, only 5MB a day.
    I am on tmobile with GPRS and use 200-400 MB a month on average.

    I guess that is another reason I am glad not to be on Verizon..

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