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    I've read through almost every thread I could find and Google'd around as well, but I'm paranoid and want to be sure...

    I have a 700p, which I use as a tethered modem for my MacBook. I'm using the USB Modem software either in USB or Bluetooth mode, depending on whether I have a cable on hand. I'm being a good boy (I thought) and am paying for both the unlimited data plan and also the Broadband Access $15/mo tether plan with Verizon. I'm using #777 as the connection number, and leaving my username/password blank for the connection settings in Internet Connect. I've had no problems connecting either in EVDO or 1X service areas.

    I bought the 700p in December, and upon activating with Verizon I specifically requested the unlimited data and bba plan to avoid any billing issues. However, since December, I have been charged on a per KB basis by Verizon: first month was a $4500 bill, next month a $7800 bill, next month a $1000 bill. I've spent about a week on the phone altogether with different Verizon idiots the last few months trying to get this resolved. They credited my account for the first month, but have been dragging their feet on the last 2 statements.

    At one point I managed to get through to a higher level data tech who said that my account simply wasn't configured correctly, that they added the data plan features to their billing system but not to the actual phone feature list. He supposedly corrected that. However, yesterday one of the reps tried to insist that I was using Quick to Net (QNC) and not NationalAccess, and therefore the charges were valid and I should stop. I assume that rep was just another Verizon moron. But, that got me a little nervous -- I've seen some old threads indicating people used to connect to QNC via dialing #777 in an attempt to use mins instead of kb rates. And technically Verizon doesn't support a Mac using tethering. I haven't seen any other method (other than #777) to tether, however.

    Anyway, long story short: has anyone using their 700p as a tethered modem for the Mac had any billing conflicts with Verizon in the last few months over data usage?

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    I use it on a 650 with both USB and Bluetooth. I also have unlimited data, and my Mac dials #777. My bill has been around the same amount for about 6 months since I went with the unlimited plan. Before that, I just had my Mac dial my Cable ISP via my Treo and used minutes.
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    Unfortuantely most Verizon customer support people and techs are idiots. Nice enough but they don't have a clue. #777 is correct. You may have to reprogram your phone for it to be updated after they make their change.
    They've screwed up your account. Document _everything_ and send in to the FCC on their site if they don't turn things around. Make sure you write down time, date and who you spoke to. Also make sure to request a supervisor and that they write it down on their end. If it's critcal, record the call. I was once told that the person I spoke to previously didn't write something I told them down and did I have 'proof' I told them it? Voice recording would have been the only option at that point since their support people don't write down everything.

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