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    I have a verizonized phone, 1.03a VZW with FAT32 using 4gb card with customized rom. Other day I got all confident and tried updating from palm website the 1.05a update. Since then, phone keeps resetting and turning off. I tried updating the rom but no luck. I removed FAT32 and tried updating again to 1.05a but that didn't work either. Already tried hard reset several times, took out battery and reset, restored original rom, but nothing works. I tried reading on here for 10 hours, still can get the phone up and running. Any ideas????????????
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    Several posters had problems with 1.05 update. Problem was trying to go from 1.03 to 1.05 and skipping 1.04. Problems were solved by going with 1.04 first, then going with 1.05. Try this link, see if the 1.04 zip is still available, if not, send me a PM.

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