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    i searched the forum and could not find a discussion already in place, so...

    I recently suffered a headphone jack error on my Treo650 and opted to buy a used 650 on Ebay as a temporary replacement. My headphone jack gets a lot of use as I use my Treo everyday as a MP3/Video player. Unfortunately I had to do this twice, as the first replacement kept syncing without a cable attached. Fortunately the Ebayer swapped it out (kudos to doorstepnerd).

    Before I give up on my original (broken) Treo, I want to test the newest arrival.

    1. Can I just attach the sync cable to the new Treo and press go (perhaps a few times) and expect all of my 3rd party apps to install and function ?

    2. Should I (how do I) create a 'test' user install 3rd party apps for testing purposes (most 3rd party apps provide keys that are username specific) ?

    3. Anyone been through this and have any other advice ?

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    Since you're going from a 650 to a 650 your apps should all be fine, unless you think that was the cause of your headset problem, which I doubt. You can just sync to the new Treo like you would have to the old. You shouldn't have to test your apps since your Treos are exactly the same...
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    its terrible that the 650 has poor designed headphone jack. thats why i havent used a headphone with my treo. i have read where some have modified their jacks so they woudnt have that problem. good luck
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    i keep trying to sync my new TREO650 and receive the following message

    "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again."

    My old TREO650 (with the broken audio jack) still syncs without trouble, so the issue has to be related to the newer Treo.

    I have manually input my username on the newer Treo (under Prefs/Owner) but this does not help.

    ideas ?
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    Did you open your hot sync manager and set the conduits to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" for your new 650? Sometimes I have to open the manager to have it connect if I haven't synced in awhile.

    Are you sure the connection is being made with the cable? Is the desktop at least registering the connection by making that odd sound? It could be the cable connection on the Treo isn't properly functioning. Is it new?
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    Try hard resetting the new T650, then hotsync and choose the old (your current) user name to hotsync. Make sure the hotsync setting is set to desktop overwriting palm.

    If you can't get to hotsync, there may be an issue with the cable connecting to the new T650 or the T650 itself.

    Hope that helps.
    Wai Leung
    Palm IIIx, Palm IIIc, Handspring Visor, GSPDA G18, T650
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    I was able to sync today, after a hard reset and 'pushing the cable snuggly into the Treo's port' while hitting the sync button.

    I had hard reset the device before, so I believe the latter did the trick.

    The device is not 'new', so i was worried I had received a Ebay-lemon. Not the case.

    Props to CellularTrendZ and DoorStepNerd for exceptional Ebay customer service!

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