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    I just downloaded Blazer 1.1 beta (directly to my Visor; gotta love Lftp). It seems just as fast as 1.0, but I noticed a glaring error in the Visorcentral article about it: it does NOT support 4-bit greyscale. Only 4 greys total (2-bit), just like before. Which, in my opinion, stinks.

    If it can do 16-bit color, how hard can 4-bit greyscale be?

    Come on, Handspring; throw us a bone! (pretty please?)

    Everybody swing by here:
    and post a comment/question requesting 4-bit greyscale. Let our voices be heard!
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    I just got an email from the Handspring Blazer folks, and they claim it will do 4-bit:
    Blazer 1.1 beta offers several enhancements over the previous version,
    * Support for secure web sites
    * Support for 16-bit color and 4-bit grayscale
    * Improved layout of text and graphics, particularly on handheld-friendly sites
    * HTTP proxy support
    Yet in the actual program itself, under Browser Preferences, it has a drop-down for Images with these choices:
    -No Images (fastest)
    -Black & White (faster)
    -4 Shades of Gray (fast)

    Which is basically zero-bit, 1-bit and 2-bit. I sincerely hope that 4-bit will be added soon! Does anyone out there have an inside scoop on this?
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    On my Edge, the Preferences dialog has an option for "16 Shades of Gray (slow)".

    I suspect that they are using OS support for graphics. If you are running an OS prior to v3.5, you probably don't get it. I will try this tonight on my Visor Deluxe when I get home. I suspect that it will only offer 4 shades of gray.
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    On my prism there is 16 shades of gray option.
    I think bradhaak is right.
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    aarrgghh! I bet you are right. It seems so silly... there are a bunch of apps that support 16 grays on Visors running OS 3.1. Since this is a Handspring product, I assumed that they'd support this capability. Maddening, I tell ya!

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