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    Ok, I just recently learned about Orb. Trying to figure it all out. Some questions though. Does Orb work with TCPMP? I don't have Kinoma and really like TCPMP for watching movies, etc. If it does, how do I set it up. When I go to and go to a song, it says my devices does not support this type of file.

    Also, how well does it work with the 650 (sprint)? Is it too slow to really enjoy something like Orb?

    thanks in advance.
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    it only works with kinoma... heres a clip with my 650 & orb/kinoma....

    personally I love orb & kinoma... but if you read thru this forum you'll see there are others that despise it, so shop wisely
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    what speed do you keep it set at? Mine lags and constantly has to buffer. Is the 650 just too slow to really use Orb?
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    I just use the speed test to set my speed, I've had the speed test give me speed settings from as low as 34k to as high as 92k...

    80% of the time I get watchable results, also how busy your cpu is has a lot to do with the amount of buffering you will get...
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    The speed test is not reliable as most times it will measure the speed between orb and the web proxy your phone goes through on your carrier's network. I've had it say 300-500k on occasion, which is impossible for the treo650.

    I use 100k to a great amount of success. There are times I can't watch a show because the network is so busy or I can't get a good enough signal, but most of the time it works quite well.

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