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    preview release 15 was released 3/10/07
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    how does it work? whats the diff
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    how does it work? whats the diff
    It’s been a little while since the last release.

    But this release makes Toccer largely feature complete. Notable to this release is the ability to export your logs to either Memo Pad or to a memory card. One thing that was left out was the workaround for the problem where Toccer reconnects regularly. The quick fix has been rolled back, and a proper fix is being researched.

    Download Toccer for Treo, Preview 15


    * Fixed bug preventing copying selected chat history in certain circumstances (on circumstance being “select all”).
    * Fixed bug causing crashes when copying history with timestamps enabled.
    * Fixed bug where away messages were not set after reconnecting.
    * Added “double clicking” support on the buddy list. If the user is already selected, selecting again will bring up the chat form.
    * Added functionality to export chat history to Memo Pad or memory card.

    PS: I’m a little slow, but Toccer has been recognized with a PalmAddict Reader Award for 2006! Thanks to the PalmAddict gang and readers.

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