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    Does anyone know if there is a video conferencing client for Palm? Or even a video streaming client for Palm that sends the video FROM the Palm device TO the internet live. Something like Cometvision, but for Palm.

    The only potential client I have found is Packetvideo 2-way. I called Packetvideo and wrote many emails. The bottom line: their platform supports Palm, but they don't have any deployed consumer clients and clients are made for a given (service provider) licensee.

    Now first to address the obvious (the camera on a Treo points wrong the way)

    - Not a problem if you want to show what you see, not your face
    - You could use an SDIO camera
    - Maybe Palm could put a forward-facing camera on one of the new devices

    I realize video conferencing is a bit of a useless feature much of the time. However it bothers me that other people can do something with their phone that I just can't!

    The ideal client would support the video feature in AIM/Yahoo IM/MSN ect, but I'd settle for just a basic h.323 client which I could use to connect to my home server and rebroadcast in another format. Even a circuit-switched solution would be something I'd kill for! (Well, maybe not kill)

    Palm devices have demonstrated they can handle 2-way VOIP. They certainly can stream video and they can encode video decently. Given the bandwidth of 2.5 and 3g networks, it shouldn't be too hard to stream low-resolution video at 15 fps.

    Seriously. Does anyone know of a solution? Any developers there want to make a basic client for Palm? (I'll pay you)

    God, I want to be able to do this soooo bad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Watching the movie BABEL the other day, I saw that the Japanese girl could see her friends via video-conferencing on her cell phone.

    I guess the phones in Japan already have that capability. It will get here eventually.
    Japan? Not just Japan. All 3G complient phones, such as those sold through most of europe can video conference.

    There are video clients for Symbian phones. And of course, you can do it with windows mobile. And Linux phones... obviously.

    There was a time when a PalmOS Treo user was the first to get features (multimedia, instant messaging, full web pages). Now it's the last... only after every other platform has had it for a few years.
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    those were the days eh grandpa. lol

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