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    I initially posted this in the 700p forum...and it is a sync issue. Sorry about is my question.

    I have no idea what the deal is with my 700p but all of a sudden I cannot sync it to my cpu. I have reset my CPU and my 700 a few times and it still doesnt matter. The sync will run through the beginning then get to "synchronizing memos" and freeze. I have not added anything new other than getting my SD card in the mail but I havent put anything on it...I have NO CLUE what to do here...any thoughts?
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    Have you run dbScan on the Treo to look for any possible corrupted files in the Memos app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Have you run dbScan on the Treo to look for any possible corrupted files in the Memos app?
    How can I get that on my treo w/o syncing???

    *still really new to treo...had it about 3 days*
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    Use a card reader attached to your PC, put dbscan on your card (i think in \palm\launcher directory). Stick card in Treo and use stock launcher to run it.
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    This is really weird...all of a sudden my RAM went from 47mb free to 15mb free in the matter of minutes?

    I ran the dbscan...and no errors in the data base
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    now its just hanging...this is great...Palm is F'd all of a sudden...Memory shot...sync shot. Great.
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    Perry! Where are you?
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    Try warm reset.
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    Someone on another form advised me to try the hard reset... So I backed everything up...and know going through the process...
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    You could have downloaded dbScan right to the Treo through Blazer.

    But with that memory plummeting, a hard reset was probably the best decision. The problem is, you'll will need to do a clean install from your backup to avoid reinstalling whatever was causing the problem in the first place.
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    (Restoring completely via hot sync or a backup has the potential to just return the problem to the device.)
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    Thanks Perry! I'm feeling lazy this morning and didn't have the energy to provide the link...
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    yes make sure you move your user name's folder from the Palm directory (say to your desktop), then make a new folder with the exact same folder name. then hotsync. (of course this is all after the hard reset)

    Then, copy the files from the original folder over to the new folder in the Palm directory you created that you want like say address, memo etc since youve only had it 3 days you may want to skip the copy step and just rebuild your info manually depending on how much info youve created since youve owned it.

    If youre going to do the copy the folders route, then before you sync again go to your hotsync icon in your systray and set everything to desktop over rides handheld.

    If you have any questions feel free to post Im doing the exact same thing as we speak (Thanks Perry and Jack!). Cept the difference is Ive had a Palm of some sort or another for about 6 years so the ammount of programs and information is very time consuming. Also make sure if at all possible to get the Northglide software it truly is excellent.

    Good luck!
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    My Sync keeps getting hungup? I did a hard reset and everytime I try to sync it HANGS and then my phone will "clean up" but my sync will stay hung on my lappy and not close out...Then I will cancel it and it will just freeze. I am thinking about totally deleting everything palm from my lappy and starting over...What do you guys think?
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    That would be my next step...

    Start from scratch. Just make sure you back your info up first and then follow Perry's Clean Install instructions.
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    Uninstall the palm desktop from your cpu. Restart your computer and re-install the palm desktop. Sync your 700 without any third party application installed. If it goes thru, restore your applications one by one.
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    I would go a step further and delete the Palm folder from they Programs folder
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