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    I have no idea what the deal is with my 700p but all of a sudden I cannot sync it to my cpu. I have reset my CPU and my 700 a few times and it still doesnt matter. The sync will run through the beginning then get to "synchronizing memos" and freeze. I have not added anything new other than getting my SD card in the mail but I havent put anything on it...I have NO CLUE what to do here...any thoughts?
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    The error message I get is:
    The connection between your handheld and computer was lost. Some of your data was not backed up. Please check your setup and try again.
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    I have had similar problems. Try ejecting your SD card before you hotsync. That works for me, but I am not sure why...

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    Mine syncs but takes 30-45 minutes on my work PC and about 15 minutes on my Mac at home. My 600 took a few minutes at most on each. I love my 700p! It has taught me patience which is an important lesson.
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    Something's either way wrong with yours or you have a lot of data to back up, and I'm talking GBs worth. It took less than 2 minutes to both sync and backup mine. Sure, nothing was installed and not much data had changed, but a majority of that time was Missing Sync just starting up. Maybe a hard reset might help with that.
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    My problems were related to my SD card. I spent a little time on it this morning and it seems to be fixed. Basically I got a new 2GB SD card. Worked fine for a while and then I started experiencing the same problem while hotsyncing image/pics. I could hotsync if I removed the SD card. The solution was to backup my SD card via a card reader to my hard drive. Put the SD card back into the 700p and format it using the 'Card Info' application. Then I copied the files back to the SD card. Now it seems to Hotsync fine with the SD card inserted.


    PS. If it's not related to your SD card then perhaps you memo's are corrupted.

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