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    I haven't been able to hotsynch for a long time. I have several years worth of data that I need to be able to transfer over to a Treo 650. Is there any way I can do this? I only need the calendar, contacts, memo, to do's to transfer.

    I have been using backup buddy, but it keeps screwing up when trying to restore on the 650. I have installed filez, but neither me nor the guys at sprint knew how to use it. Any solution?
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    You can just restore the PIM data bases from BackupBuddy using the Restore Individual Files option. Or you can beam the info over. Just make sure if you do that you recreate your "categories" in each app, otherwise they'll all beam over to the "unfiled" category and you'll have to recategorize each one again...

    You can also move the databases from the SD card to the Treo using FileZ.
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    I say follow Christinac's advice, but use a trial of Backupman instead if Buddy's giving you issues.
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