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    Dammit. I lost my earphones that came with my "music pack" when I bought my Treo directly from Palm. While I hadn't used them yet, it was nice to know I had them - especially since they have a different jack than normal earphones.

    Anyone have a good set of wired earphones they would recommend for the Treo, and how much does it cost?

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    You can go from $30 to $300+

    Siedio has a 2n1 retractable cord set for phone and headphone/music use. A mic housing is right in the cord on your shoulder with a toggle to switch between phone and music. . . . . around $39? (Doesn't need the jack adapter?)

    I now have a Bang Olfsun earset I got at the Apple store in the mall. Great sound, neat design -- expensive. ($139) (Needs the jack adapter.)

    Bose Sound Canceling (full over the ear cushion) Head phones put you in a whole 'nother world of sound, peace and price . . . . (Needs the jack adapter.)

    Others will no doubt chip in soon with their favorites.
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    I am currently using the 2-in-1 Stereo Headset Pro from Palm, and I love it. The sound is great for music and calls and the built-in mic has a volume control and a mute/mic switch. They sell for $49.99 on the Palm website, but I got them for $29.99 at J&R. I highly recommend them at that price.
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    I love these headphones. I've had them for a little more than 1 year. I also have the Palm Pro hybrid headphones, they are loud and have good controls (i'd sell them to you for $15. they r in reall good shape, clean and have been used 2x). I like the shure headphones, they r super comfy and have thick cords. I'm an electrician and my heaphones get abuse while I work.

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