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    Hello all
    I am currently using my plantronics 655 with my 700p, i am not completely satisfied with it. it takes 2 seconds to click on, and then the connection not always great.

    although those are big for me i do like the battery life and the lightweight feel of this device.

    Im thinking about getting a different one but dont want to rush it since some arent cheap.

    with that being said and knowing full well that is a personal choice on bt headsets. I am asking your opinion on headsets.

    What headset are you using and how well do you like it. What are the problems you are having?

    i assume that this might be a repeat, but i am looking for current opinions since this technology is changing so quickly

    thanks in advance for any and all input
    Justin Letheby
    Keller Williams Fox Valley Realty
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    I used it w/ the 680. It sucked. I actually have had much better luck w/ the older 320.

    Great GREAT connection.
    Battery life- Lasts for a week.
    Cheap and Solid.

    The 655 SUCKS!!

    yes, I am bitter.
    "Actions speak louder than words!"

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