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    I have had absolutely NO problems with my BT on my 700p for nearly a month.

    Sprint Treo700p, Motorola H300 BT headset.

    The fix?

    I stopped calling *2. Instead, I call either 888-211-4727 or 866-818-1944 to get Sprint CS. According to the Sprint reps, you don't get charged for calling those numbers.

    I believe *2 to be the root of all evil. Every time I would call *2, the BT would disconnect after hanging up and I would start having other BT problems. I'd eventually have to reset my treo to get it all working again.

    So, if you're having problems, do a soft-reset. Repair your BT headset. AND DON'T USE *2!!

    I'm interested in knowing if this helps out everyone. Let me know!

    Sprint Pre & Motorola H300 BT headset

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    I think you've mentioned this before and it doesn't work. The only time I ever call *2 is for a PRL update, and for me now that was a matter of months ago, but I still experience the same issues. Believe me, the massive BT problems on the 700p and dialing *2 are completely unrelated (otherwise Verizon users, who don't have to dial *2, wouldn't have the same exact BT issues).
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    I agree with Merlyn 3D. I've called *2 several times for the PRL update and had no issues with BT.
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    I am using H300 too, and whenever it "doesn't work", the BT in the 700p will turn off all together (become gray BT icon). Everytime I have to "check" if the icon changes from BT to headset before using the H300. I wish there was some "Tone" coming from the 700p telling me they are "paired"
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    My wife has never called *2. BT issues galore.
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    20% of the posts in the 700p forum seem to be from someone "finally" figuring out *THE* application that is causing lag or BT or other problems in the 700p.

    Then someone else chimes in with "nope - I never use that app and I still have the lag/BT issue, etc.."

    Then later on, another chimes in and says they run the entire Palmgear catalog on their 700p and NEVER have had lag or BT issues.

    I'm looking forward to the "end of Q1" when the magical firmware update will fix everything.

    ...oh..... the end of Q1 is upon us......
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    I guess I didn't find the magic answer...Right Merlyn, I did mention it in a reply on another post...But now at least I know it's not THE fix.

    For some reason after you hang up with *2 the phone says the transmitter is turned off for some time, then it magically comes back on. Even if you didn't have a PRL update. During this time, my BT also drops and then usually doesn't repair. I have to actually soft reset to get it to repair.

    Seems like no one can track down the exact problem - and many are having intermittent problems where BT will go a long time without incident, then all the sudden start acting flaky. Some have never gotten it to work.

    Funny there would be such a problem. I really hope Palm gets this issue resolved, so that people will quit complaining and get to use this otherwise great phone without problems.

    The only other issue I am having with my 700p is that it is just not as responsive (i.e, it is slower) than my 650. Oh, and another BT issue: transferring contacts & files over the BT from 700p to 650 or vice-versa: often the 700p won't recognize the 650. I guess that's 3 problems. :/

    Sprint Pre & Motorola H300 BT headset

    Dead devices: Palm Pro; Palm III; Treo 600, 650, 700p, 755p; Centro
    Yes, I finally updated my tagline!

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