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    Many of my colleagues and clients have the annoying habit of using my cell phone to reach me during non-office hours. I used to be okay with it every now and then, especially in emergency situations, but it seems like over the last couple of years the boundaries between work and home have increasingly blurred, and more and more of my professional contacts feel it's acceptable to call me during off hours (weekends, 7:00am , 11:00pm, I get it all).

    Whenever I get such a call I usually let it go to voice mail. The trouble is that once I listen to the voice mail I usually feel compelled to act upon it. Alternatively, I feel guilty if I wait until business hours to respond. Many of the voice mails I receive during off hours are purposely vague so that I'll call back right away, "It's, Brad, can you call me ASAP, something has just come up." It's almost always something that could have waited for business hours to resume.

    When I saw a discussion below for CallBlock the other day I thought my prayers had been answered. Not only could I block calls, but I could actually prevent people from leaving me voicemails! I downloaded the product and have been using it for the last couple of days. It works as advertised with one glaring problem that possibly has no real solution. When the program is set so that callers can't leave a voice mail the program actually ansers the call for a brief moment and then quickly hangs up. The trouble is that to the caller, it sounds like I am hanging up on them. This has become quite embarrassing as some of my colleagues have emailed me over the last couple of days to ask why I've been hanging up on their calls.

    Two steps forward one step back I guess. So this is partially a software question and partially a question on cell phone etiquette. On the software side, is there a program that handles call screening a little more eloquently than the aforementioned CallBlock? I'm looking for a way to be truly unreachable for a few hours during the week and not offend anyone in the process! And on the etiquette side, what's the best way to handle the off hour voice mails that seem to be more and more common?

    Many thanks!
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    On the software: Palm API documentation is very clear on this, there are no straightforward means means to hang-up on an incoming call. Any methods used by utilities to terminate calls are either undocumented or tricks that Palm didn't anticipate.

    On the etiquitte part, I suppose the best way is to switch off the radio when you don't want any incoming calls... simple, effective, and there are several freeware and shareware utilities for doing that.

    Quoted from the Palm FAQ:

    Answer ID 308

    Last Updated 01/15/2007 11:07 AM

    Reject Incoming Phone Call

    I would like for my application to hang up on or reject an incoming call. What APIs should I use?

    Third party applications are not given this level of control over the phone, so this can not be achieved.

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